(1 Samuel 17:32-51) Just as David was called to face Goliath, there will be times in our lives when, as followers of Christ, when we will be faced with giants that we will not be able to stand against without the help of the Lord. Even with the help of the Lord however, He has still given us skills that can be used by Him to overcome those giants.

It can be easy, when giants come along, to be fearful and forget that the Lord is there to help us. David was only a boy when he defeated Goliath, yet he had courage beyond any of the Isrealites because he trusted in the Lord’s protection. We have that same promise of protection, and if a young boy can stand against a giant that has soldiers fearful then there is nothing we can stand against with the Lord on our side. I don’t remember the exact passage of scripture, but it says if God is for us who can stand against us. That is a promise we can stand on.