(Genesis 4:1-16) As far back as Adam and Even we can definitely see that there are consequences for our actions. Even more so there are good and bad consequences for the good and bad in our lives. If we choose to go against God, turning towards sin, there unpleasant consequences ahead. When Cain killed Abel and the Lord cast him out Cain thought the worst, that others would find him and kill him. However, God showed mercy on Cain, He made it so that Cain would be marked so that no one would attempt to kill him. Cain received punishment, and he wasn’t happy with that, but like a loving father, God didn’t take the punishment to extremes.

I believe that there are also good consequences, good things that happen that are blessings for living a life pleasing to God. Are we going to take into consideration the consequences of our actions before we act? I do think ultimately if we desire to live the life God has called us to we are free’d from living a live only out of looking at the possible consequences. There will be times however where our weekness will cause us to take into consideration if we are proceeding in a direction away from God and what those consequences will be. At those times we need to look to the Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us strong in the faith.