(Luke 4:1-13) This morning I was reminded once again what our defense is against the temptations that come our way. Jesus gave us the example, and that is God’s Word. We cannot stand against tempation on our own, we need a higher power. The Holy Spirit is always there with us to help us stand against temptation, but we also need to be equiped to fight against Satan’s attack, and that comes through the continued study of God’s Word.

Jesus used truth to combat Satan when he was tempted. Satan even tried to tempt Jesus with scripture as a backing, and this even shows how we as people try to twist God’s Word for our own benefit and/or justification. And Jesus shows us that you can’t pick apart God’s word and seperate parts of it from the rest.

The scriptures are not some randomly combined texts. One part of scripture does not contradict another. The entire Bible is a consistent whole, Jesus proved this. How can we be equiped when temptation comes our way? We need to be studying God’s Word daily, hiding it in our hearts as God describes it. It’s through the Holy Spirit and the power of God’s Word that we can stand against Satan no matter the temptation.