(Exodus 13:1-16) In this morning’s scripture, as I read, the phrase “the Lord’s mighty hand” stuck out to me as I read it over and over again. Also, along with that, the fact of what God did to bring the Isrealites out of slavery in Egypt. As I think about my own life, and the things that I worry about or long for, I am reminded today of God’s amazing power, and His “mighty hand” that can do more than I can even dream of.

As the Isrealites were praying to God for deliverance, so have I been praying for “deliverance” from my current circumstances of not yet having a job or a place to live in Michigan. God did amazing things to bring the people out of slavery, and led them to a wonderful land. He had a plan that was beyond what the people could see.

I feel so blessed already by what God has already done in my life. I’m so thankful for how He has delivered me from other times in my life, how He has used things leading up to this point to prepare me for this time. If God can lead and entire nation of people out of slavery, how much easier can He take care of me each day, and give me the patience I need to see His plan in my life be revealed. I am so thankful for a God that is beyond anything I can comprehend! Amen!