As I read from Genesis 11:1-9 this morning I was struck again with how God still continues to shape our lives. It’s obvious also from reading the story that nothing in this world is out of God’s control. As people we can so easily get cought up in the things we do, or produce, or think of, that we can so easily forget the One who gave us the abilities we have. We are His, and He calls us to use the gifts He’s given us for His glory, not our own. I think of the hurricane disasters that have plagued so many over the past couple of years. Even in the midst of those tragedies it has been easy to just blame it on a random act of nature. I’m not going to declare that God was looking to wipe out a bunch of people, but I believe more than ever that there are not accidents in this world. God has a plan or purpose for all things. He may not be causing a hardship in our life, however He does desire us to go to Him in those hardships, and ultimately use them for His glory. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for the people of Babel after their languages were all changed and the were spread out all over the world. I’m curious to know if there were some that realized God’s hand in that and turned to Him in faith? Perhaps some further reading will answer that question. Until tomorrow, God bless!