Not only does the title of today’s post bring to mind the famous song, it also resonates with the grace God showed Noah, his family, and the animals taken with them. (Genesis 8:1-22) He used the flood to show the kind of “re-birth” that Jesus would later talk about happening through faith in Him. It truly is amazing to feel the promised, and never ending, grace of God. There is a renewal that comes from experiencing His grace. I have been blessed to experience His grace in my own life over the past week.

We look at the world around us today and it is easy to wonder how the people of Noah’s time could have been any worse. Don’t misunderstand me when I talk about looking at the world, this includes us a Christians living in the world as well. It quite amazing God doesn’t come and wipe us all out again. However, His promises are never broken, and that is one very thing He promised to never do again on that day when the ark opened up.

I think is can be easy to look at the story of Noah and the flood as simply a story of God’s grace. I think we are missing the whole picture if we only look at it with those eyes. There is an obvious picture of the power that God has over this world. Besides the grace that God gives, the words of Joshua 1:9 ring true, He is always there wherever we go and He has power over this entire world. There is promise that reflects that in Romans 8:31 as well. So in closing the story of Noah is one of grace, one of re-birth, one of great faith, and also one of God’s many promises that He still holds to today. Amen!