(Exodus 13:17-14:4) Once again it is seen in this passage of scripture how God has an ultimate plan for everything, and a perfect timing. The Isrealites may not have understood God’s reason for taking them the long way to the promise land, however God did have good reason to do this. God knew of the greater problems that they would face if they had to go up against the Philistines, something that could cause the Isrealites to second guess leaving Egypt.

In our lives each day, God continues to lead us on a path that He has marked out for us. His path may seem like the long way, and not they way we had in mind, but is the perfect one for us. How do we know what is God’s path and not just our own? Today we don’t have a pillar of cloud or fire to follow, but we do have His Word and how he works things out in our life. As I was thinking about that question too, it got me thinking how we constantly need to be taking small step. It would seem to me that we are called to walk with God so that we can easily follow His steps, it’s not a run. God ultimately knows what’s best for use, whether is be a slow process or quick one.

The reality of life, and the sin that is in this world, is that we are going to fail. Later on we see that the Isrealites stumbled and failed, losing faith, but God doesn’t leave us. It is always so amazing to me how Jesus’ blood washes us completely. He restores us to where we ought to be. We are going to stumble and fall and He is right there to help us back up and on our way with Him. As He leads us through tough times and joyous times we can know that He is there through it all. Amen!